Beach sprints….

Today, I was supposed to be doing sprints on the sand…..have you seen the sand just after the tide has gone out?? it was like trying to run on broken glass while carrying a bag of dog crap…I must have looked like I’d had a few. I was actually carrying a bag of dog crap! Then I got distracted. I saw mussels, funny shells with live things inside, a crab that looked like jaws had chewed it up and spat it out and I found some actual seashells! So, despite my short attention span I did actually get some good sprints in. I wore my purple ON cloud runners on the sand, it was make or break my ankle on those ripples and I came out ok. I will have built up some good strength and suppleness in my ankles that’s for sure. If you see me on a zimmer tomorrow, you’ll know it didn’t work out too well for me 🤣

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