One gentleman’s kindness

I really feel the need to share this story. There are still people who are full of generosity and kindness in this world and who would have thought I’d find it on a well known auction site!

I desperately wanted the dark red Kitchen Aid Nespresso machine, because as you all know, I’m a coffee addict! I found one on this well known auction site, placed a bid, won it 💪 and paid, then waited patiently for it to arrive!

The day finally came when my new perfect machine was to be delivered. I was going to set myself with anticipation. The door knocked, the dogs erupted and I went running, got the box, opened it all up and that’s when my smile turned upside down, the the lever had a crack down the side 😭. It looked to have been damaged in transit even though it was perfectly packaged. So I contacted the seller and explained everything, he was very understanding. We went through the process of trying to claim compensation from parcel force but they said no. The guy offered me a partial refund, I said instead of refunding me please donate to my charity as I am running London Marathon this year.

He only went and donated almost double what I paid for the coffee machine!! WHAT A STAR he is! Not many people do that. So just remember folks, kindness and generosity still exists in this world. If someone is kind to you, always pay it forward and be kind to someone else. xxx

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